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Announcing the 45th Burklyn Holiday Market

December 13 & 14, Lyndon State College

The 2014 Holiday Market will take place at Lyndon State College. Good news for exhibitors is no stairs, no elevators, several entrances, lots of space and plenty of parking.  


What We Do

13Although Burklyn Arts Council is well-known throughout the communities it serves, it wears two faces which are not universally connected. The most recognized face is the one the Council shows at its two craft fairs. These fairs have earned a reputation for high quality over the years as a result of the standards maintained by the Council’s crafts jury.

The best-known fair is probably the Burklyn Holiday Market, held on the first weekend in December. The summer fair takes place on the first Saturday in July, under tents in  in Lyndonville, Vermont’s, Bandstand Park.

Burklyn’s other face is the one seen mostly in the schools of our seven towns. The Council’s budget of about $15,000 helps fund the arts in seven categories which are outlined in our annual folio.

1. The Local Artists Program offers area artists who have been reviewed by the Council for mastery of their art and appropriateness for the classroom as resident artists to cover areas not ordinarily included in the school curriculum;
2. The Performance category covers 75% of the ticket price to in-school performances of music, dance and theater;
3. The Incentive Fund covers special needs or the initiation of school programs not covered in regular school budgets;
4. The Scholarship Program provides funds for scholarships at the end of the school year to deserving students;
5. Summer Programs provides funds to organizations and individuals for summer schools, art or music camps and the like;
6. The Vermont Arts Council category provides matching funds for any Vermont Arts Councurant received;
7. Teachers may apply to the Council for Professional Development grants. The two craft fairs provide the funds that keep the Council active in the development and appreciation of the arts in our communities.

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